Little Boy Falls In Love With Foster Dog That Has Cleft Palate Just As He Does

 Such a beautiful friendship

It has not always been an easy road for little Landon Sayer. The boy was born with a severe split lip and palate, taking multitudinous surgeries and a host of other medical treatments.

Prior to his birth, Landon's mama Kelly had been a loyal advocate for beast weal. Kelly said that she loved animals all her life, and indeed chose to become a veterinary technician as her career. The family had devoted much of their time to fostering creatures in need. Still, Landon's medical requirements forced the family to put fostering on hold so that they could duly watch for their son, she told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal.

Langdon had his first operation when he was only eight months old. In addition to the surgeries, Landon needed special feedings and regular croaker movables to insure that he was gaining weight. Thayer's family is under great pressure But they continued to put Langdon's request first.


Kelly said that as Langdon grew older, he began to realize that he was different from other children of the same age. Still, Landon took great comfort in the company of creatures. It was Kelly who realized that the family should start cultivating creatures again.

After letting the original deliverance center know that the family was available to take on more creatures, they were snappily placed with two puppies who had been abandoned in a dumpster. When Kelly noticed puppies with cracked upper jaws in the rescue center, she offered her home to the kittens.

It didn't take long for Bartleby Bogart to arrive at the Sayer ménage. The canine was born with the same side split lip and palate as Landon had so it wasn't a surprise that the two would snappily form a lasting bond.


Kelly said that Bartby was Langdon's angel, and he would come to him every time he recovered from a medical procedure. Because the two had an incredible bond, Kelly knew they wanted Butterby to be an endless part of the family.

 Watch Landon and the puppies in the video below. 

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