Little Puppy Found Standing Guard Over Sibling’s Body On Side Of Busy Road

A random mutt was seen standing over her dead lineage’s body on the side of a busy road, and Sidewalk Specials took her in, writes love my dog so much

After having a discussion with an exotic, they learned that this had been the mommy doggy’s third unwanted Spilth and all of her puppies had putrefied — except for little Alida.

They unrestrainedly took Alida back to the nursing home to receive proper care and medication so that she would not end up like other puppies. This is grievously the reality of the unbridled strain in South Africa’s communities that have no access or means for warhorse care.


But for little Alida, in just one month, this dog will live happily and healthily in her real home! Sidewalk Specials also set up the female dog, neutered it and injected the necessary vaccines, and then fed her in a warm kennel. Amazing!

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