Man Sees Lifeless Stray Pup And Starts Performing CPR Until He Is Breathing Again

Beast owners should learn introductory first aid methods, just in case they need to help their darling. Fortunately, for a sloppy cub in Rize, Turkey, after he was choked by the link, a primitive man was suitable for emergency CPR. After some twinkles, the canine's breathing stabilized and he was safe.

It's common for people to horrify when their pet begins to choke or consumes commodity dangerous. Nevertheless, scratching under these conditions may take time to save the life of the beast. The tools needed to save the lives of pets can be grown online through courses provided by the Red Cross.


A man living in Rize, Turkey is suitable to use his quick thinking and first aid training to rescue a sloppy cub he planted, but he is in danger of losing his life.


Omer Yilmaz was walking through the megacity, minding his own business when he heard a original shopkeeper yell for backing. The shopkeeper explained he was feeding a slapdash pup that had wandered by his shop when the canine suddenly stopped breathing. Omer discovered the canine was choking on a piece of link.

Omer used two fritters to reach for the link that was blocking the canine's airway. After some tossing, he was finally fit to move that piece of food. Next, he gently rubbed the canine's casket.



Omer moves the dog to a position that allows him to perform CPR on the puppy. The twinkles of work and the pup's breathing was normal. Omer's quick thinking saved the canine's life.


 You can watch Omer perform his heroic deed in the video below. 

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