Stray Pit Bull Sees Man Attacking Woman With Knife And Leaps In To Save Her

He was a homeless canine living in Georgia. his life changed after risking it . This homeless animal have nothing but problems. His life changed in 2016 after being named a hero.

When this dog was walking through Baldwin, Georgia, it saw a man fighting with a woman. When the man took out a knife, the canine threw himself in the middle. this dog saved the woman from a serious harm, but it incurred five stab wounds.

The majority of dogs there are wonderful protectors that can detect a threat. This courageous canine take the risk of his life for an unfamiliar person. The canine was losing a lot of blood when an officer and a sergeant came him. Sergeant Timothy Clay let WATE know they couldn’t pass away. They have to help him. Though late, Sergeant Timothy Clay and Officer Daniel Seeley took the animal to the hospital. Everyone doubted the dog would survive.

Welch said the canine had white gums from blood loss. He got through surgery, and he was better after that. He had a wonderful success story and they named him HERO

 Two things about Hero that especially touched the sergeant was his being courageous and quick recuperation. Officer Seeley said they appreciate everyone helped to save him. Ms. Welch said Hero is awesome, and he lived a life of hell, but his life had become different from that day forward.

The hero was given a permanent home by the Simpson family in Tennessee the month of September, 2016. They posted on Facebook that adopting Hero is a blessing and everything is good.

The Simpsons asked people to adopt a rescue dog instead of purchasing a pup because those dogs need more loving care than other dogs.

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  • MikeC711g
    MikeC711g January 22, 2022 at 10:56 AM

    Pits are quite loyal. Ours our lap dogs ... but if anyone tried to harm my wife ... it would be over their bodies.

    • Mo
      Mo January 22, 2022 at 1:48 PM

      How could the woman who walked away thanks to this dog not want to adopt him m. Crazy.


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