The wounded dog could not walk and crawled into the entrance to warm up, but from there it was thrown out into the cold

A girl wrote to a recruiting association to save pets, saying that there was a dog in a rest area in a big city. She also wrote that the pet could not walk and would crawl slightly to the food kiosk every day to have food.


The girl began to feed the poor canine, and it crawled with the last of its strength into the entrance where the girl lived, but the rest of the residents were against such a neighbor. In the evening, it was cold and the poor injured dog was thrown back on the road.

The canine teeth were coiled in the snow, panting slightly, but when passersby saw this hapless pet, they had to shrink their eyes. When the breed dog was drafted, it was in danger before. It was rushed to a veterinary clinic, where it underwent surgery.

After treatment, the dog received temporary care and has been there since the morning. The canine is better, one paw still doesn't bend, but this doesn't help it from moving and living like all pets.

A lot of social media posts didn't help to find owners for the canine. Also, it doesn't have a watchman who could visit at least sometimes, bring succulent food, and communicate. Dogs feel truly lonely and suffer because of it. How did it be that no one needs it? What did it do wrong?

After all, in fact, dogs are amazing. It's veritably smart, kind, and tender. It really lacks warmth and care. I hope that there will be a person who'll give this to the canine who has been through so important.

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  • Anonymous March 3, 2023 at 1:55 AM

    So what happened, a Vet looked at the dog, then they returned the dog out into the cold elements? How is this helping?

    • Anonymous March 3, 2023 at 7:14 AM

      they didnt put the dog back out in the cold


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