Three-Legged Dog Stuck In Puppy Mill Cage For 9 Years Finally Gets His Happily Ever After

 Trip watched as other dogs got adopted, his tail wagging in hope. Then...

Trip stayed in the puppy shop nine times. With only three legs (from an unknown injury), rotten teeth and long nails, the bitsy Chihuahua did n’t know what life outside a pen was like.

But in September, Trip was finally rescued from his terrible life by National Mill Dog Rescue. They drove him to their refuge, and the moment he got out of the car, his tail began to wobble and couldn't stop. He eventually received an important bachelor's degree and health care, and soon became a tax collector.

He loved the attention he was getting and loved to get outdoors and explore. He did not let his age, or his three legs decelerate him down. National Mill Dog Rescue brought him to several events and featured him in several videos.


But no one came forward. Until … a month latterly it was eventually Trip the Intrepid’s the turn. After watching so numerous other tykes at the sanctum get espoused, Trip’s tail started wagging again when his new family came to pick him up just before Halloween. Now, he's “ one of the three comrades” in his new home, and he's “ over the moon” happy.

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