A Dog Was Abandoned In The Desert, And Shortly After, She Had Puppies

 This sweet dog was left to not only fend for herself but also her puppies when dumped in the desert. She took refuge in a nursery where she was able to bring the six little ones into the world...

This sweet canine was left to not only for fend for herself, but also her puppies when ditched in the desert. She retreats in a nursery, where she is suitable for bringing six small bones into the world safely...


“ I do not understand why anyone would do such a thing ...The moon has no chance to survive there and if it was not for kind people who offered her food and water, she and her puppies would not have made it.

Luckily, someone knew to call Hope for Paws and I left incontinently for this 3-hour long drive to the desert. When Moon heard my voice, she ran toward me as if she was awaiting my appearance, lay on the ground, and rolled over … it was such a sweet moment,” Eldad said. And now, happiness—forever—! 🙂

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