A Starving Pit Bull Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized, But A Cop Intervened Before It Was Too Late

 Jolene the pit bull had a very difficult life and was nearly starved to death. She was stuck in a shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Sheriff Trevor Reeves happy to see Jolene at the sanctum and knew he could n’t let her be put down. He took her out of the sanctuary and rushed her to the horse. They got the attention of Tia and the crew at Hole Bulls and Inmates, who helped rehabilitate and watch for Jolene.

Jolene’s metamorphosis is inconceivable, and she does n’t look like the skinny, glutted canine she formerly was. She's now happy and healthy and was saved all thanks to the kind officer!


She has the support of proponents who own huge estates, which have a lot of space for her to run and play. She also gets putrefied and poured with love! A little bit of kindness can go a long way! Watch her story in the videotape below,

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