Brave Stray Mother Dog Risks Her Life To Save Her Puppy Stranded In Floodwaters

They say there’s nothing more important than a mama’s love, and we've one seriously gladdening videotape to prove it. The viral clip captured the touching moment a slapdash mama canine jumped into a blown swash to save her pup stranded by surging floodwaters in China’s south-western fiefdom Sichuan.


This dog and her five puppies were trapped in the water after being swallowed up by the run of their makeshift home. After seeing the canine struggling to return to land, the aborigines gathered and called the police for help.

A kind man swam through the flood and managed to save the horse dog and her puppy. But the sad thing is that he has just saved four babies because the big waves continue to swell. A policeman prevented him from rescuing the last puppy because he admitted that it was too dangerous for the man to return to the sink.



After the strong mother noticed that a baby was missing, she couldn't help turning around and rushing back to the overflowing waves, making the puppy pay the price. Despite the trouble, she jumped in and swam as fast as possible to save her child. Watch the delightful video below

As you can see on the videotape, the little dog eagerly swam to the puppy stuck between the branches and carried the baby back with his mouth. When the dog managed to land herself and her puppy safely, the residents cheered and saluted. What an amazing Ma!


According to Chinese media reports, after the incident, all Tektronix received the support of the indigenous people. The videotape has snappily viral after it was participated across Chinese social media on Thursday. Everyone has been touched by the mama Canine’s stalwart act, praising it as‘the power of mama’s love’. ‘This is truly the power of a mama’s love. No matter how dangerous it is, she always wants to cover her children,’one commenter wrote. Another bone said‘A mama’s love is extraordinary, no matter if you're humans or creatures! So important respect for the mama canine!



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