Cyclists Save Dog Tied Tightly to Tree and Left to Die

In Portugal, a group of cyclists overturned a neglected dog hung in a tree and saved her life.

The video was shared on Facebook by the Spanish animal government aid group Asociación Animalista Libera (Free Animal Association), and circulated on the Internet after it was published.


The dog was tightly wrapped around the tree, her neck could not move. When they approached, the dog was terrified, so they tried to win her trust by giving her some food.

From the canine's flimsy casing and uncover ribs, It seems that I haven't eaten for a long time. The men are very careful because no one needs to be bitten. They continued to provide dog food, and she gobbled it up and as she eats one man cuts the rope from around the canine's neck to free her.

Asociación Animalista Libera represented everybody when they added: "{[She was extremely fortunate that a gathering of cyclists tracked down him and chose to save him. 1,000 much appreciated!" In spite of the fact that it's muddled what befell the safeguarded canine, Uriel Salem Fernandez remarked on the video uncovered the accompanying .

Hello everyone, through extensive exploration, I found out how to contact a cyclist and a Portuguese biological rescuer, and found that this dog was with the volunteer firefighters in Valongo. She will remain with them until further notice, however there are many people keen on taking on her on the off chance that they can't keep her, so uplifting news!

Someone else remarking on the video a couple of months after it was delivered noticed that canine was taken to a veterinarian medical clinic by the Canine Unit of Valongo Firefighters and "recuperated pleasantly." They added the canine has been taken on and is now with a "magnificent family." That is great information! We're so happy the canine not exclusively was liberated, yet has a splendid future in front of her.

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