Deserted Blind Old Dog Couldn’t Find Her Way Around, Laid Down & Gave Up

Our tykes are family. As they progressed, they won and were cherished, especially in their golden age. But one canine proprietor did not agree. When his dog got old and both eyes lost his eyes, he did the cruelest thing. He put her in his auto, drove out to a field, and ditched her there, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The poor dog didn't know where she was. She was spooked and confused. Eyeless tykes can do veritably well in a familiar terrain But this is definitely not the case! She looked around among the piles of waste, trying to find someone to help her.

People saw the dog and posted pictures of her on the Internet. Oddly, they did nothing differently to help her. A woman saw this post and thought someone would help her incontinence. But no bone did. When she drove to the area, a many day lately, the canine was still there.


The poor girl was so confused and skinny. There was no time to waste. The woman walked up to the dog and gave her some important justifications. She talked to her and told her comfortingly that it was all right now. Shockingly, the dog understood because she began to wag her tail.



The kind woman took her to the war horse, and they verified through the microchip that she did have a master. He only did n’t want her soon. The canine was born eyeless in one eye but once she lost her sight in the other eye, the only proprietor she ever had given up on her fully. He did not indeed try to rehome her!

The horse feels sorry for the dog. She is so sweet that she really wags her tail during the exam. The warhorse was stunned by her upbeat station despite her poor health. The pressure behind one eye was extreme and she demanded drugs. She also had a bad observance infection.

Her deliverer also gave her a new name, Elsa. The woman decided to adopt her. Elsa had to come back to the war horse to be vaccinated and desexed the days latterly. She did great! She also had a nice bath and was duly prepped. She looked beautiful!

All Elsa is asking for is a happy ending to her tragic story. Elsa’s deliverer did all she could to insure that would be! To see what happens coming, watch Elsa’s story below. We're so happy she was saved in time.