Dog bravely chases away large mountain lion to protect his family

He risked his life to protect his family... while he was injured in the fight, this heroic dog is going to be okay... Thank you, Rocky!

It’s amazing how pious tykes are to their possessors. We ’ve seen so numerous stories of stalwart faves stepping up to defend their possessors when they ’re in peril — indeed if it means putting their own lives at threat.



Just like a strong canine, facing a captain on the hill hovering around his family. Mary Padres, from La Verne, California, screamed after coming face-to- face with a large, wild mountain captain right in a vicinity “ The mountain captain was looking right at me,” Mary told CBS Los Angeles. “ It was huge.”


But Mary’s tykes went into guard mode to defend the manager. Both Teks barked at the captain on the mountain, trying to get it down--and Rocky, the lower of the two Teks, decided to chase the beast down. Proving that occasionally there are large icons in a small package, Loki bravely chases after the bigger and more ferocious cat, chasing him up the mountain.



Unfortunately, the big cat fought back, leaving Rocky with some serious scars “ We saw the hole all the way down to his brain,” Mary recollected. After seeing Rocky bravely stand up to defend her family, Mary gave her back and went outdoors to look for the dog. As expected, she had a hard time with the captain on the mountain.

According to CBS LA, the mountain captain is still on the loose, but thankfully Rocky survived the fire, scarred but alive. According to reports, he had 8 severe perforation injuries and 30 stabbings from the horse. His proprietor was veritably thankful for him, knowing he offered his own safety to cover her “ To make sure that I was OK, that’s the whole reason he went after that mountain captain,” Mary said.

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