Dog Handed In By Owner To Be Put Down Makes Her First Friend Instead

A puppy was given to the war horse by her owner because they no longer wanted her. They asked for her to be put down and were ever fine with that. But euthanasia just was n’t in the cards for the sweet canine they ended up naming Mouse, writes ilovemydogsomuch

 Fortunately, the warhorse got ahold of Sidewalk Specials to take her in rather. Then, rather of being put down, the girl would make her veritably first friend ever! The two tykes decided to make up for lost time and went on all kinds of adventures together. 



 And now, Mouse has a loving family in her ever home that she shares with a big family, and they ’re thick! She’s making the most out of a alternate chance at life, and it’s thanks to the hard work of Sidewalk Specials and all of their sympathizers! 

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