Dog Terminally Ill With Tumor Is All Smiles As He Gets To Be A K9 Cop For A Day

ilovemydogsomuch wrote that knowing a special dog worthy of the name, his destiny finally changed due to the terrible association and two men who are now giving up.

Toad, a sweet Hole Bull, was down on his luck. His former proprietor ignored his tailoring operation. He was riddled with scars and excrescences. Luckily, Heading Home K9 Rescue stepped in. Toad demanded several surgeries to repair the damage that had been done. But, indeed with all he'd been through, Toad was as sweet as can be.

Nevertheless, Toad has not had a home for a long time. UNTIL … his two daddies swooped in and saved the day!


Now, Toad has the stylish life! His daddies, Peter and Kyle, let him be his goofball tone. They give him all the love (and treats) he craves. Those for long times without a real home are a thing of the history! Toad also has a family named Hank.

Toad’s favorite thing to do is be happy! And let his lingo hang around (this is hellish enough to be contagious!) Would you have opened your home, and heart, to Toad? See more of Toad’s story in the videotape below,

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