Former Bait Dog Lost Her Nose, But She Gets A Smile From Everyone She Meets

Speranza Animal Rescue planted the disfigured girl after sending them a photo of her in the temple. With just one look at her face, they sprung into action to bust this helpless girl out, writespost.bark

They thought they would meet a timid dog, but what they got was one of the happiest puppies you've ever seen. Her face was traumatized and her body was covered with scars, which suggests that she may have been used as a bait dog in fighting dogs.


  It was in that moment that the name “ Mona Lisa” was bestowed upon her by her saviors.

After her deliverance, Mona spent several months at a veterinary clinic witnessing multiple surgeries before she made her way to Speranza Animal Rescue.

  Mona Lisa has now become a veritable special minister of the Hall Bulls, and has proved that she still trusts and shows deep affection for humans in the vicious circle in her history.

She routinely puts a smile on people’s faces at deliverance events and at the nursing home, which she visits twice a month.

This tenacious puppy has overcome all difficulties and obviously has a heart of gold. Without her strong will and dazzling personality, she might not make so many people happy. Thanks to the hard work of Speranza Animal Rescue, Mona Lisa is now one of the happy Pitties saved in the world.

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