Good man Rescues Puppies Found In Carrier Bag

Three terrified newborn puppies are alive and well after being discovered in a grocery bag hidden in a bush.

 Susanna Bergamaschi, a beast rescuer in Norma, Italy, grows these petrified cubs when she is out for a walk.


 “ I was out walking with a friend when I came across a canine perambulator who said he ’d heard noises coming from a barricade, and indicated at the place where the noises were coming from,” she said.

With the help of many others, the tan bag was taken back from the remote woods and opened.



Inside were three invigorated puppies, one black and two white, who can be seen jiggling and bleating. They were so youthful their eyes weren't open yet. It was perturbing for the saviors who cradled the puppies in their arms before they were whisked off to get medical care.

But now Susanna is taking care of the puppies to get back to health, feeding them by hand, and getting the support of their mothers who are still breastfeeding.


 The video below shows the gratifying moment when three panicked puppies were rescued.