Homeless Dog Knew He Was Going To Die Soon, But Woman Begged Him To Fight Back

A Hole Bull named Saint was on the point of death when he was living in a homeless camp. His wasted body was being destroyed by several spongers and he'd only grown tired of dealing with the bitter pain every day. He didn't want his pain to end, which made him give up everything he needed to maintain his life.

A woman named Heather discovered Saint’s misery and it broke her heart into pieces. Out of compassion for the innocent puppy, she decided to take him home as a dog. Ilovemydog wrote that the idea was to make him feel pampered and comfortable in his last days, but when Saint directly refused to eat, Heather was confused.



Sheng was completely turned away due to a long and tense life, he just wanted to give up. He did not watch about getting patted or interacting with his caretakers as he began losing his vitality. But when he could not stand on his own, Heather did everything in her power to let him know he signified – and that changed everything!


Heather’s, meticulous sweats to cheer up Saint dragged at his heart and he decided to put up a fight for her! He started to eat and gradually allowed himself to reconnect with the world. With aIn a slow and steady way, his health has improved, reigniting his spark of life!

Despite the heavy burden that made him fall, Saint chose to embrace the present and thrive with his new family! He began to look forward to those liberating automatic elevators, sand tracks and amusement facilities. Considering he was at his smallest low at the morning at this videotape, it’s a true pleasure to see him demanding affection toward the end! The saint is really an inspiring survivor and sacrifice champion!


Click on the video below to watch Saint's journey from zero to idol after embracing life's alternative opportunities!