“How A Tiny, Injured Puppy Healed Me When I Needed It Most”

As a certified warhorse tech, I've met numerous injured pups throughout my career. iheartdogs wrote that working in emergency medicine will introduce you to many furry musketeers in need, but one of them touched my heart in a different way.

 About 5 times ago, I walked into my job at the beast sanitarium, ready to start a normal shift. Across the room on the treatment table was a bitsy pup with multiple injuries, visibly shaken up from her traumatic evening.

 The technician who is currently dealing with the injured puppy has multiple cases, so I walked over and regarded her as my own. I still remember the shock when I saw so many piercing injuries on such a small body. I think about how strong she was. As I learned more about her case, I came to realize just how hopeless of a situation this poor pup was in.


 The injured doggy has just been attacked by two large tykes, and was described as being thrown around like a rag doll. The proprietor was agitated to show off her new pup to her musketeers, and set her down on the ground with their two adult tykes. Without understanding proper canine preface, she was shocked when the tykes incontinently attacked the small pup. 

 The 6-week-old pup was facing certain death if we did not act presto, and her proprietor was unfit to understand the graveness of the situation. Her owner happened to be able to bring a pet into the door, but he didn't know enough that the puppy needed to be taken care of.

 After several diagnoses, she was believed to have been seriously injured. She had several broken caricatures, a shattered femur, a broken hipsterism, and was in shock from her fire. Indeed, if she survived this trauma, she had a long road ahead.

The youthful proprietor knew she couldn't give the pup what she demanded going forward, and was considering taking her home as is. At this point, I came extremely invested in this pup’s care, and offered to take her in as my own. She was taken care of by me soon, and my life with this incredible puppy began.

After naming her Ellie, our long road to recovery began. I say “ our” due to the struggles I was facing at the time, as I had some mending to do in my life as well. Ellie came into my life just as I was getting sober, and helped me through the most grueling pursuit I would ever witness.

 Ellie requested FHO (a hippie form), an external femoral fixator for 8 weeks, and hospitalization to get her out of shock. Her treatment was expensive and tedious, but well worth it in the end. Her fixators were removed 8 weeks lately, allowing her to be the robustious pup she always wanted to be!  

 Allie continues to be a veritable fashion friend I can ask for. She remained at my side through insomniac nights, unsupportable heartache, and every struggle I would face in my sobriety trip.

I'm now 5 times sober, and I credit much of my success to the love she offered me in my hardest days. Ellie is my heart canine in every way possible, and I can't imagine my life without her!