It was very cold and it was raining heavily, and in the dump a little puppy was shivering from the cold

 The unlucky owners threw the little puppy into a landfill to get wet in the rain

It rained heavily in China that day. An unknown person called the beast sanctum said that on the road in the rain, near a scrapcan, there was a helpless pup who demanded help. 


The conscription is to hunt down a puppy. But, the rain came heavier, which could negatively affect the physical condition of the pup. thanks to an indifferent passerby, the pup had a chance to be saved. From the picture she saw, the levy slightly held back gashes. The pup was lying in the middle of a pile of scrap, shaking from the cold and moisture. White fur was visible under a subcaste of dirt. And the pup itself was veritably weakened. It was clear that he demanded to be warmed up and fed urgently.

The feminine conscript accurately picked up the puppy in his arms and walked towards the car. The canine didn't repulse, presumably because it didn't have the strength to do so.

Despite the rain, it just snuggled up on the people who came for it. First of all, on appearance at the sanctum, the baby was washed. Its soft and ethereal fur looked like snow. So, the surname Snowball stuck to it.


And when the water treatments came to an end, it was given a coliseum of food. After a succulent lunch, the pup went to bed. The levy suggested that people abandoned the small helpless beast due to the fact that it had eyes of unstable size. Although this disfigurement was nearly unnoticeable. But for someone, it came a good reason to take it to the tip and leave it there to Indurate in the rain. Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon in China.

And for this, it isn't necessary that the beast has any physical abnormalities. Usually, inhumane people give up their favorites when they are tired of playing caring masters. They just get tired of taking care of creatures, walking with them, and, if necessary, treating them. They aren't tortured by rote when they abandon the creatures that depend on them.

Fortunately, this snow-white baby was rescued by the staff of the sanctuary, suitable for giving it everything it needs for life. I want to believe that there will be more physical harbors every time. And those people who shamelessly throw down four-lawful musketeers should succumb to the strict discipline.

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