Owner Mercilessly Discards Newborn Puppy After She Was Born Without Front Legs

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A little dog was abandoned in a box on the side of the road. She lay coiled up in the box, unfit to move and confused as to what was passing to her writesilovemydogsomuch.TV When saviors pulled her out of the box, they realized why she was unfit to leave the box. The pint-sized pup did n’t have her two frontal legs, which is why someone most likely discarded her in the first place.

They decided to name her “ Light,” in the expedients that she'll have a bright future. They took Wright to a primitive beast sanatorium for inspection, where the towerer determined that she was only three weeks old and that her front leg was missing due to a birth defect




Despite only having two legs, Light is still healthy and still deserves to live a full life just like any other canine. There is a huge personality in his small body, and he really walks on his own.


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