Owner Took His Dog To Be Euthanized After A Big Tumor Grew On Its Belly

 Rather than taking his dog to the vet, he simple dumped him at shelter and asked them to get him euthanized

Clyde's proprietor surrendered him to Gallatin County Animal Shelter as his growing excrescence that bled and ruptured from being dragged on the ground spooked him. The owner of a mixture of sheepdogs and huskies just hopes that his dog can be put down as soon as possible.



The canine was too youthful and didn't want to die soon But he was betrayed because of being abandoned. He just wanted the sanctuary staff to help him and give him another chance in life. Thankfully, he was saved just in time by HART Cincinnati who stopped his payoff.


They took him to a nursing home, where they saw that he was in bad shape, with a 6-pound fat on his stomach, No bone knows whether it will become cancerous. The stagers also allowed that the shameless proprietor Norway watched about the excrescence that they believed had been growing for about six months.



Because Clyde was in extreme pain, they directly took him for emergency surgery. Thankfully, they were suitable to remove the.4 Lbs excrescence which was just benign. Clyde, who came given with his golden heart, was eventually espoused by a loving family after being healed for some months at the sanctum. Now, he'll noway know what pain means and will live the life he deserves. Watch the videotape below.

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