Pregnant Stray Injured By A Car Gets Ignored For A Week

Slapdash tykes face numerous difficulties and struggles. One of the deviant pain scripts was threatened and hit by a car, wrote blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood


Many times it can be fatal, but occasionally, it only affects terrible and painful injuries. One canine was facing a delicate situation after she was knocked down by a auto. It was believed that the doggy – named Mia – was hit by a drowsy motorist while she was walking in the road. As a result, she sustained a terrible injury to her leg.

The poor canine had a hanging leg that meant she could not duly walk. Due to a leg injury, Mia was forced to crawl around for nearly a week during her pregnancy looking for food!


Given her state, effects weren't looking good for her. Luckily, Mia was not doomed to spend the rest of her days injured on the road. Someone advised a deliverance, and that's when Alina arrived to help Mia.

  She managed to take the dog to a safe place, where she was evaluated by stage performers. And that's also where they made the astounding discovery that Mia was going to be a ma. They knew it was a race against time, and the purpose was to restore Mia to health so that she could take care of her cubs.

Given that Mia’s injuries were a broken bottom as well as a crushed and displaced ankle, the recovery was not going to be straightforward and easy. She needs surgery to repair her injury. Mia pulled through with the help of her surgeon, just in time for the birth of her pups.


The ma canine healed nicely and was suitable to use both her frontal legs. We ’re happy to see that this little family managed to have a happy ending. Watch the video below,

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