Puppy Had Her Legs All Bandaged Up Before Being Abandoned On The Street

A puppy was planted on the road, and her hind legs were all rolled up. Supposedly, someone had tried to help her before leaving her to forfend for herself and unfit to move. With no one to watch for her, time was ticking. Fortunately, she was planted before it was too late, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Some kind people met the dog, took her to the veterinarian for important care, and determined that she was bitten by a larger dog. The doggy was in similar bad shape with broken bones she'd need to gain back some strength before witnessing any operations. They named her Scooter and gave her a lot of love and care.



The girl’s injuries were gutted and treated, and she came healthy enough to be suitable to have her multiple surgeries. Before the puppy was brought to her home, it was Alexandra Gade who observed the scooter for several months!

 See “ Dobby” moment with her loving family. 

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  • Anonymous August 27, 2022 at 6:46 PM

    The people that inflict pain on animals are creepy, and cruel. They need serious jail time-like life without parole.


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