Senior Dog Hangs His Head And Weeps Because He Doesn’t Know Why They Dumped Him

A 14-year-old dog named Niu has been a loyal partner of his owner all his life. He loved his mortal unconditionally, but that was not the case for the proprietor, writes love my dog so much . When the proprietor’s new significant other claimed to be “ antipathetic” to Ox, the proprietor did n’t vacillate to surrender this weak elderly baby to the nearest sanctum.

The staff at the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana were crushed to see Ox’s perturbing geste in his kennel just after his proprietor left. The cow hung his head from his kennel bed and began to cry like a failed child. His heart was irretrievably broken, and the workers knew that old people like him would fluently lose their will to survive or be let go.



The sanctum incontinently participated Ox’s woeful kennel print on social media, which dragged at the hearts of an inviting number of people. Within 2 hours of participating in the post, a woman drove to the sanctuary and supported Ox! When Ox was still shocked by what happened that day, when he put himself in the grasp of another caring person, his spirit was lifted.

Gradually, Ox opened up to his new family and started to smile again in his new home. Memories of the former owner often visit him, but he is also relieved, because his new mother and mortal brothers and sisters love him unabashedly, make him comfortable, and never fanatical about him.

Niu knows that he is a cherished partner in his new home, but his heart is no longer suitable to recover from his previous abandonment and treason. Six months after he resigned, the poor cow died in the arms of the woman who cheered for his last days. We hope you're in a better place now, Ox. Rest in peace, squeeze.

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