She Was Kept On A Heavy Chain So Short, She Couldn’t Leave The Stairs For Years

While some people treat their tykes as if they're part of the family, others sorely pacify them to neglect and poor conditions, writes love my dog so much . Unfortunately, Libre has endured the limits.

A four-year-old guard dog in an abandoned house in Cargua, Venezuela, was locked up day and night without food or water. The heavy chain around her neck made it hard for her to breathe, and it was so short that she could n’t rest her down.



Thankfully, her suffering eventually came to an end when concerned neighbors saw how her proprietor was treating her, and incontinently reported them to the police and original beast sanctum.

When saviors arrived, Libre was starving and reluctantly ate up all of the food that they fed her. They removed the chain, revealing the original skin on her neck, which was caused by the repeated suspension of the tight essence chain on her neck. They treated her crack and provided her with proper medical care.



Libre loves life now and is very grateful to her for another opportunity.

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