Shelter Staff Arrives To Find Tiny Pup Shivering In A Box Outside Front Gate

ilovemydogsomuch wrote that someone put a small puppy in a box and then left it in deep freezing outside the main entrance of the San Antonio Beast Sanctuary in Texas.ilovemydogsomuch. AlthoughAlthough the abandoned beast was cruel, this man at least left her in the sanctuary and saved her life.However, the doggy most probably would have decomposed in the deep freeze from hypothermia, If she was n’t plant in the morning when staff arrived at Animal Care Services.

After the staff found the box, they saw a note on it. When they opened it, the puppy was jumping around anxiously. They quickly brought the puppy in to warm her, and gave her food and water. One of their rescue partners, the Texas Animal Protection League, heard about the puppy and agreed to take her in.

The doggy, now named Charlie, will remain with them until she's old enough to be espoused. “ Although Charlie is safe now, whoever ditched her didn't follow the correct process for getting help for a pet – possessed or slapdash,” City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wrote on Facebook. “ In her time spent in the cardboard box, who knows what could ’ve happened to hang her safety.”



“ This is a memorial for those who find themselves unfit to watch for a pet please do the right thing. ACS is then to help and there are processes in place to keep you and the petsafe.However, please make a report with 311, If you're helping a slapdash pet.However, please reach out to us, If you need backing with an possessed pet.” Thankfully, Charlie is now safe and important. She'll soon have a loving family of her own and won't have to worry about being abandoned like that ever again.

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