Sick And Sad Dog Was Dumped In An Empty Parking Lot But Finally Someone Saved Her

Dog Dumped In Empty Parking Lot With Nothing But Her Bed For Comfort

 Meet this cute dog named Bluebelle. She was so sad because it was ditched in an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas.


 Canine stayed to find someone to rescue her.

“ You could tell how thankful Bluebelle was to be saved and brought to the sanctum,” Stephanie McCutcheon, the marketing and levy fellow at the Austin Animal Center, told The Dodo

“ Bluebelle drank a lot of water upon arriving and slept a lot in the air- conditioned comfort of her bed the first couple days.”



 When she was planted, the dog was very sick. Bluebelle had red skin, missing fur and now is taking specifics for conjunctivitis in both eyes.

 But she gave up now, this cute girl is so strong

“ Either all the health issues, she's in happy spirits,” McCutcheon said. “ She has the cutest little smile and indeed a little vim in her step. We've awful Animal Care staff and Stages that have been taking close care of her.”