Sweet Dog Who Survived Being Cruelly Beaten & Shot In The Face Wins Everyone's Hearts

It's nearly unfathomable to suppose about some of the effects tykes have overcome, because for whatever reason when humans are cruel, tykes are an easy target. An inconceivable phenomenon canine who survived being cruelly beaten and shot in the face has left observers of ITV's'This Morning' overcome with emotion.


When Millie was a puppy, she was attacked by a group of children, only a few months old. Her face was fully bashed in before the kiddies decided to shoot her in the face several times, trying to kill her. It's the kind of atrocity to this canine that makes normal people sick to the stomach. How could anyone suppose of doing any of that to an innocent canine, or any beast for that matter?


But the incredible Millie was not dead. Although, as a result of the terrible attack, the poor canine was left oppressively misshapen. She suffered blunt force trauma to her nose, which means she no longer has a conk, and the canine possibly has two pellets remaining in her head still moment. Knowing all that, it's easy to understand how this canine's story could impact anyone with a heart. 'She's enjoying life, she has a good quality of life.' Millie was found dying on the streets by animal activists, but @drscottym claims the decision not to put her down was for the best 🐶 #Ththis Morningic.twitter.com/dUVn0O8hIr — This Morning (@thismorning) March 13, 2020 Scroll down to meet Millie and see why she won the hearts of millions of morning Television observers.

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