This Dog May Have Cancer But She’s Still ALL Smiles

Bella is a veritable special canine. You would noway know she’s in pain. She’s so happy that she was saved and is safe from detriment’s way! Bella was plant covered in cactus backbones. She also had a excrescence on her leg. She was saved also treated, but unfortunately, her cancer spread, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Her leg had to be reattached. But through it all, she was a soldier! Her smile also made everyone around her smile! Bella's three legs look great, and it's great to move around! Look at that cute face!

Bella also started chemo and was a real soldier! She seriously smiled through it all! What a doll baby! 


Bella’s cancer is now in absolution! WHOO HOOO! The only thing Bella lacks is a permanent family.