Woman Sees Tears In The Eyes Of A Dog Waiting To Be Killed In Dog Meat Trade

A croaker named Susana Somali was passing by a slaughterhouse in Jakarta, Indonesia, when a disturbing sight caused her to stop in her tracks, writes ilovemydogsomuch

For the first time in her life, Susana noticed tykes being prepared for bloodbath. Utmost of the tykes were screaming helplessly in their confined coops, while others had their muzzles bound with plastic.

Susana was shocked when she saw wounds in the eyes of a canine that was about to be killed. She had a talk with the botcher and was affrighted to discover a large network of people involved in the underground canine meat trade. While she was not suitable to reveal the butcher's name, she managed to deliver the tykes lined up to be butchered. Gradually, Susanna learned that many owners who are on a budget can easily sell their food to meat dealers. The most primitive slapdash tykes are also doomed to fail, because they are eventually put into storage because of this diligence.

The distressing plight of these victims tykes prompted Susana to open a shelter for all abandoned and homeless tykes in the area. She started off with 70 tykes, but is now raising over tykes under her care – utmost of them being rescues from the slaughterhouses littered across the megacity. Her operating costs are over$ every month.


About a million tykes are severely boggled each time in Indonesia to “ blazon the menus” of hundreds of “ delicacy” caffs. The recent epidemic has only increased this number, as economically suffering possessors are more hopeless than ever to vend their “ burdensome” tykes.

Susana’s ultimate thing is to annihilate the traces of canine meat trade from the world. But with 20 new deliverances coming in every week, the task is only getting harder. Indeed,Indeed, Susanna is determined to stick to her own path, continue to fight this unattractive deal and improve mindfulness. We wish this amazing woman good luck in fashion in her noble campaign.

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