After Surviving Brain Surgery, His Mom Got Him A Puppy Who’s Just Like Him

In October, two- at-old Branson Figueroa demanded cranium reconstruction surgery for craniosynostosis. This occurs when a baby’s cranium closes before the brain is completely formed.


Thankfully, the surgery was a success and little Brandon made an extraordinarily quick recovery, despite his case being one in. The Figueroa family, who resides in Nottingham, NH, also celebrated by drinking a Boston Terrier pup named Thanos into their home. Branson and Thanos clicked uncontrollably, and soon became the fashion figures of the Musketeers.

But the family soon realized that Thanos was cheap. They brought him to their veterinarian who ran tests on Thanos and believes he may have hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid that can beget brain damage, which is veritably similar to Branson’s case. More tests are needed to see the inflexibility of Thanos condition, but stagers suppose he may need life- saving surgery to place a shunt in his cranium.

These tests, treatments and surgery are veritably similar to what his little human had to go through. “ I believe God puts everything into our life for a reason,” Branson’s mama told WMUR. “ What are the odds of him having commodity and our son going through this, you know? It just does n’t be.” Then's another story that will make you smile!

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