Boy Stops To Hug Stray Dogs When He Thinks That No One's Watching

It does not take important to make the world a happier place. Just ask this boy named Ibrahim.

The other day, Ibrahim was heading out to academy in the megacity of Grozny, Chechnya, when he spotted a brace of slapdash tykes warming themselves in the morning sun. He could have fluently just continued his way, paying the tykes no mind. Instead, he stopped and gave them a sweet hug-he gave them freely, believing that no bones were watching.

Still, one occupier in a near structure putatively noticed Ibrahim from their window and captured videotape of the boy's arbitrary act of love and kindness.

The clip over soon went viral, with Ibrahim’s conduct garnering praise from nonnatives and musketeers likewise. “ I saw the videotape. That’s Ibrahim,” Katerina, a friend of Ibrahim’s family, told The Dodo, adding that the scene is a good reflection of his selfless spirit. “ He goes to academy with my son and helps her carry her bag. He’s a veritably kind boy.” The tykes he hugged that day — and all the others he’s hugged unseen — would most clearly agree.

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