Discarded After Bait Ritual And Target Practice, Sweet Boy Hid From His Monsters

Rescuer, LaChrystal Ricke, is the author and director of Reggie’s Musketeers, a deliverance group in Houston Texas. She saw a heartbreaking photo of a dog sleeping in a dirty armchair outdoors. She couldn't help but pick him up and wrote ilovemydogsomuch.


“ He was out in a parking lot in this kind of not- so-nice part of city,” Rick told The Dodo. “ Notoriety had posted that they ’d gone to the gas station and there was this skinny canine. I wanted to pick him up because it was not a safe place.”


By the time Rick reached the gas station, the sun went down. It was dark and in an unsafe part of a city, Rick was on high alert – but she refused to leave without the canine that demanded her help But he has nowhere to grow. Rick gave him a name Aniken. RickRicke sends a request to Facebook “ I put up on the thread,‘Hey guys, can you come out then? I can't find him. I ’m going to leave him be for the night because I ’m sure he plant his safe spot.”


The next morning, two conscripts came back to look for him. “ They started knocking on doors, asking people if they ’d seen him,” Rick said. “ But nothing’s seen him, nothing’s seen him. And this healthy little woman (road dog) appeared-we named her Tessa. She’s trying to get their attention, and leading them back to this little hut in the reverse where people have ditched all feathers of scrap — there’s auto corridor, there’s food scrap.” Eventually, they plant him! “ He was laying on that seat that you see in all the prints,” Rick said.

Rick met the other levies at the gas station. She is very happy to meet Aniken and they decided to bring him back to the deliverance center along with Tessa. On first over, they all allowed Aniken was just a “ glutted road canine” but his situation was actually a lot worse.


“ We get home and he starts coming out of the jalopy, and we start seeing these massive infected injuries,” Ricke said. “ And they ’re oozing — they ’re still infected. My hubby and I were like,‘OK, we need to get him straight to the exigency warhorse. ’” As soon as he arrived at the Blue Pearl Emergency Pet Hospital, they planted more problems for Aniken. He was full of ticks that were already full. This had put an enormous strain on his organs. The medical platoon also cares about commodities, the difference is that Aniken is used as a decoy dog. In fact, his case was the worst they had ever seen! Poor canines are good enough for target practice.

At first, Ricke was not induced this was true. She claims that that term is thrown around too frequently but when the war horse opened his mouth and showed her that virtually all his teeth had been pulled,pulled, so he could n’t suck back, she knew right there and also that this poor canine was a victim in more ways that one.


Aniken has scars on top of scar, on top of injuries that would not heal. The crack infestation made matters worse. He was not clotting duly and injuries that should be mending were poorly infected.


  Rick added

“ All of these injuries that were oozing, they were oozing because notoriety had darned them up by hand”, Also, you take into account all the scars on his face, and you start putting it all together, and there’s no other answer — this was his life. He is a decoy dog. The intent was for him not to live principally, which is horrifying.” Aniken had a long road ahead of him. Because he'd to stay at the Medical Center, one of the nurses there wanted him to feel as safe as possible so, she gave him a stuffed giant to keep him company.

A canine that had nothing, that had been tortured and discarded, eventually had a safe space, and a luxuriant to keep him company. Aniken was by no means healed,healed, but he understood that this stuffed giant meant he could start to form connections – and that his mean life would ever stay behind him.

As Aniken began to heal, he made his way to a foster home. And guess who came along with him! Yup, his stuffed giant.


Nothing would be fair or easy for Aniken. No bone can tell for sure what tykes remember or what they put behind them for good. But what was certain was that Aniken’s days on unprintable armchairs behind gas stations were over. The days of being used as bait dogs are over. The days of abuse and abandonment are over.

Thank you to Aniken’s saviors and foster family. He’s ever safe. And loved. Please consider making a donation to Reggie’s Musketeers So other tykes like Aniken (and Tessa) can find their happiness in the future.