Dog Digs Himself Out Of The Grave After Buried Alive By His Owners !

 Miraculously, the dog successfully dug himself out of the grave and sought help.

All living things have achieved a happy life. But there are still people who treat their faves severely. These people borrow them, but latterly abuse them, abandon them and bury them more severely alive. It happened to a poor 7-year-old German cowgirl named Kiryusha. Its owner injected the poor dog with a killer agent and buried it alive. Miraculously, the canine successfully dug himself out of the grave and sought help. Keep scrolling to learn more!


When Olga Listseva, 39, was driving past a trace in northern Russia, she spotted a canine walking sluggishly in the rain. The woman continued to drive at first, but when she had traveled about nine country miles, she returned to save the poor canine. Olga made one of the most fashionable ideas ever. She saw the fatigue and forlornness in the canine’s eyes.


The canine got wet and exhausted on the road. The woman offered him some food and let him sit in the aft seat of the auto. He slept all the way to Ukhta, a 93 km drive. She took him to a dog rescue center called Kind City. In order to help the poor dog find his owner, the rescue team participated in his printmaking on the Internet, and soon discovered that he was from the city of Emvor.

Fortunately, they are suitable for quickly finding and communicating their owners. They said the canine was “ unhealthy,” so they dropped him. But that wasn't all. As it turned out, an unnamed couple admitted that they fitted him with a deadly medicine to kill him. He was also buried alive in a remote location near the Ukhta-Siktifkar trail.


But the truth is that Kiryu is not unhealthy. He passed tests, and it was concluded that he didn't have any serious medical problems. He suffered nothing but hunger. The beast sanctum said the couple claimed to have buried him alive because of a “ mistake” and apologized.


Deliverance team Ekaterina Nimac said‘Thanks to Olga, Kiryu has started a new life. At the sanctum, he's veritably calm. Fortunately, according to an original TV station, Kiryusha now has the support of the original family. I hope that dog can live happily! Participate with your family and Musketeers!

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