The dog's owner was annoyed when the dog kept waking up her sick baby — but when the girl stopped breathing, she realized the dog's instincts saved her life.

Good boy, Henry! It's incredible what dogs can do

Having a canine around the house is always a blessing not only are they loving and pious companions, but they can save your life.

We ’ve seen stories of tykes stepping up to cover their possessors or warn them of peril. Now, one woman is calling her canine an idol after he helped save her baby’s life, waking the parents in time after the child stopped breathing. Kelly Andrew, from Boston, Massachusetts, is the proprietor of a Boston terrier named Henry. Lately, the canine started acting up in the middle of the night, and kept breaking into their nursery and waking Kelly’s baby.

Kelly says she came “ fed up” with her canine’s geste, especially since the baby had been sick. But also, she noticed her baby was not breathing. Her son was rushed to the sanitarium — and Kelly realized that Henry was not causing a disturbance, but was trying to save the baby’s life. Once, the dog artificially knew that the product was wrong. By keeping the baby awake, and helping to warn the parents, Henry likely saved the child’s life, allowing her to get medical help before it was too late. “ I do not know what would have happened if he had not woken her,” Kelly wrote on Twitter. “ We do not earn tykes.”

The baby spent the night at the sanitarium, and is now “ doing much better,” according to the mama. Kelly also says that her heroic canine Henry “ bravely held the stronghold all night indeed though he's spooked of the dark.” She also thanked the ER department Connecticut Children’s Sanitarium for being “ non fictional icons” and helping her son. But it was good canine Henry who got a lot of the attention as the story went viral.

People were amazed at the canine’s instincts —, and some participated their owning similar stories, showing how life- saving tykes can be … when it seems as if bad canine geste. “ We could not figure out for the longest time why my service canine kept going in to my parents room several times a night smelling my pater’s face and nudging him constantly,” one woman replied. “ They always pushed her down and she'd still circle back. She stopped as soon as he got his trendsetter.” “ I ’m chronically ill.

They're’s been numerous a time I ’ve gone to the sanitarium because one of my tykes has started smelling and paying attention to a body part and waking commodity’s wrong,” another wrote. “ Tykes are icons!” We ’re so glad this baby is safe now, thanks to the quick-thinking of this heroic canine! Good boy, Henry! . .

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