Dog Who Lost Nose To Dog Fighting Gets Second Chance

Sienna Rose survived a life of torture, and now everything's changed. After 3 years of waiting, this sweet girl finally got the news she has been waiting for. You'll want to see this heartwarming update!

It’s nearly inconceivable the atrocity a canine named Sienna Rose has endured. When she first arrived at a New York City sanctum, she was nicknamed “ Seal” because of her appearance. The poor canine’s nose was missing and she was poorly scarred, most probably because she was a victim of canine fighting.

Alternate Chance, Deliverance NYC rushed to save her and were determined to give her the medical attention she so desperately demanded. Please scroll to the bottom of this composition for the rearmost updates!


They participated in the message she posted on Facebook on January 9, 2015. “ Veritably tough to put together the right words then. We entered a plea for this poor girl tonight and of course, incontinently said yes! The pain and suffering she endured to look like this is unconceivable! It’s a enough good bet that she was used as a bait or fighting canine as she’s covered in scars and commodity took part of her face off!!” .Within a day, she went to the veterinarian who determined she was eyeless in one eye and incompletely eyeless in the other. Obviously, her mouth was a mess and what teeth she had remaining were rotten. Happily, still, she could breathe and eat on a!


Within a week, she went to a special surgeon for reconstructive surgery on her face. Alternate Chance, Deliverance wrote, “ Of course, we want to give this sweet 6 time old love the stylish rest of her life possible!” An excellent surgeon from the Grossbard Veterinary Referral Service worked for her, and this is what Sienna Rose looks like now!

Throughout her entire fire, Sienna Rose has been so thankful for the love and attention she has been entering. “ Despite the horror of her history, she's a sweet & gentle canine who loves people!” the deliverance wrote. “ Her tail is always wagging.” Sienna’s story shows the terrible impact the cruel blood sport of canine fighting has on tykes and Alternate Chance Deliverance NYC hopes Sienna Rose’s story makes a difference and wrote, “ Let’s stopgap this has some impact. These stories of abuse and neglect can, hopefully, profit other tykes and help others from suffering.” Updated on October 7, 2016. Finish a time has passed since Sienna Rose’s deliverance, and she has made huge progress in both body and spirit. But this cute girl can still be abandoned! The “ love bug” has attended relinquishment events in the once time.

Sienna-rose-update Sienna’s Alternate Chance

Her saviors say that she's the “ one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet” and loves children. “ Some of her favorite pursuits are laying around and snuggling, running and playing cost in the yard, and just watching Television coming to her person.” I ’m hoping for all the stylish for Sienna Rose and that she finds her especial someone soon!


After staying 3 times, Sienna Rose was finally supported! Then’s a short videotape of Sienna meeting up with her new daddy to be taken home!!

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