Man Saves Homeless Puppy with Head Stuck in Potato Chip Bag

A puppy alone in a snowy field was in trouble when a man driving by spotted the puppy with her head stuck in a potato chip bag. The footage mugged in southern Manitoba, Canada shows the man approaching the floundering pup and trying to get her to come over to him. “ I do n’t know if I ’ll make it there,” the man says, while touring through the heavy snow on the ground. “ I ’m sinking.”


Finally, the puppy raised to the man's side, and the man gently removed the chip bag from her head. This was a veritable dangerous situation for the pup, as the canine could fluently have suffocated. Thank virtuousness, When he did this and saved her life, the foreigner was very happy.

Although it’s unclear where the bitsy pup was living, the pup may be one of the numerous strays living in and around the Canadian fiefdom’s First Nations communities, which have wide problems with slapdash tykes. It’s common to see packs of semi-feral Rottweilers, Border Collies and Pitbulls roving reserves in Manitoba, Beast lawyers are trying to change this situation.


One deliverer in the fiefdom says thousands of the slapdash tykes are starving, sickly and floundering to survive. Jasmine Colucci, from K-9 Lawyers Manitoba said that she often saw tykes freeze to death or had a bullet hole in their head. She and other saviors are overwhelmed by the volume of homeless tykes demanding deliverance and care. We ’re hoping this pup will be one of the lucky bones and has been saved.

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