No one fed him, loved him or cared- His feeble body tossed onto a sidewalk in Harlem

A pup, named Damon, was plant lying helpless on the thoroughfares in Harlem, New York. The canine had been ditched by a monster. He was oppressively neglected, starved and abused. A Good Samaritan picked him up and took him to the exigency warhorse to try to save him. The New York rescue dog rock band also stepped in to provide their help.

To say he was skin and bones is a vast understatement. He was so wasted and starved that his blood pressure and fever slightly registered. He only counted 20 pounds. The little puppies who are still alive are definitely going to die. Still, the medical staff, in their hearts, believed he'd a chance so, they administered IV fluids and nutrition to try to save him. They also gave him lots of love and affection, as he lay there and cried.


Amazingly, in just a few days, Damon was suitable for standing. He plodded and fell over and over again, but the sweet canine Norway gave up. He looked like a bag of bones but his saviors saw beyond that and continued to fight alongside with him. Damon is so stalwart.




Damon was eventually cleared to go to his foster home. This day, pictured below, was an exceptional bone. This was the day he got up and stood all on his own and walked over to his foster mama. WHAT A MIRACLE!

His foster mama worked with Damon to strengthen his muscles by using hydrotherapy. It’s a gentle way to work his body without putting too important stress on him. He loved every nanosecond of it! What a soldier!

Damon continued to gain weight and made Musketeers. He also became more confident. Look at the difference! He made musketeers with the other tykes in the house and eventually had the energy to share in playtime. YAY!


Damon is a veritable happy boy! He has a family who loves him and he's truly nurtured. Because Deliverance Dogs Rock did n’t give up, nor did Damon, he’s come so far and is doing so well. We're thrilled for both Damon, the deliverance group and his new family.

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