Pit Bull starved & chained to radiator for 6 months, eats snow thinking it’s food

Lucky, a youthful Hole Bull, had the most disregardful possessors who did n’t have the decency to find him an alternative home, writes love my dog so much .

During the cold downtime, they just locked him on the radiator for more than 6 months and hardly fed him. Over the months, Lucky withered down into a mass of skin and bones. Someone heard Lucky’s cry for help and informed “ AMA Animal Rescue,” who rushed in to save the dying doggy. When the saviors witnessed the lucky one swallowing his first arena food in a few weeks, they were stunned. When the saviors took Lucky out for a walk, the first thing he did was eat the snow. The poor baby was so starved that everything looked like food to him. The staff at the sanctuary promised not to let him be empty again.

Lucky was moved to a foster home where he flourished under the gentle love and care from his family and other canine siblings. It's amazing to see Lucky hail every mortal with leverages and cuddles, indeed after the abuse he has gone through.


Momentum, he lives with his loving and responsible ever family in Brooklyn, NY. They make sure to take him to a near demesne every day, so that he now feels the suffocation of a confined actuality ever again. Seems as if Lucky has turned out to be one lucky canine! Click the videotape below to watch Lucky’s heart- touching deliverance, and his happy moments in his new ever home!

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