Police officers save dog stranded in frozen reservoir in Spain.

 In a videotape that has surfaced online, two Spanish police officers saved a canine stranded in icy water in Canfranc, eastern Spain. 

Two Spanish police officers waded into a frozen force to deliver a stranded canine as a cold front arrived in the northern part of Spain on Wednesday. 

In videotape footage released by the police, one of the officers can be seen swimming through the icy waters with a log, trying to reach the canine. While the first officer tried to reach the doggy, the other bone also waded through to help him out. The canine was brought back to the bank safely soon after. 


 According to a report by Reuters, the police mentioned that the doggy was stuck in the force in Canfranc, eastern Spain for hours on Tuesday. 

 Watch the videotape then 

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