Rescuer’s Plea For Shelter Dog Just Hours Away From Being Euthanized Inspires Christmas Miracle

 Two days before Christmas, a rescuer entered a high-kill shelter and instantly connected with a dog who was just hours away from being euthanized. His name is Stanley and he had a severe case of mange. This is a heartwarming rescue story about "just one dog" who inspired people to come together to perform a Christmas miracle.

This is a gladdening videotape about the deliverance of one canine. It shows how “ just one canine” inspired people to come together to perform a Christmas phenomenon. Two days before Christmas, a deliverer entered a high-kill sanctum and connected with a canine who was just hours down from being euthanized.


His name is Stanley and he'd a severe case of mange. It was so bad he could slightly open his eyes. The deliverer could not get the dog out of her mind, and decided to see what she can do to change the life of this canine.


Cathy Stanley of Camp Cocker Rescue made a video of Stanley at the Sanctuary in Los Angeles. Cathy ended up pulling Stanley out, not knowing where he'd be going. She said, “ I got him out and started him on his medical recovery. I also made the full interpretation of the‘ Just One Canine’ videotape and started-mailing that around like crazy, soliciting people to help me find a good deliverance.”


Her videotape and plea spread virally and on Christmas Day and Dave Schofield of Respect-A-Bull, a foster- grounded dog Terrier deliverance on Vancouver Island, Canada entered an dispatch with Stanley’s story. He and his woman, Jo-Ann watched the videotape and wanted to help.

Dave called Cathy on Christmas Day and offered to take Stanley away. An Enough plutocratThere are enough rich people to bring Stanley to Port Alberni, British Columbia and Stanley directly into foster care institutions! .

The group had numerous people interested in espousing Stanley after they had seen the “ Just one canine” videotape. But funnily enough, Stanley ended up being espoused by a couple who had noway seen the videotape.

Josh and Teresa Caufield espoused Stanley because they were won over by Stanley’s happy and friendly personality.

Now, for times plus, Stanley is loving life and is well loved by his new family, his time on death-row a distant memory. And since Stanley’s awful deliverance, Camp Cocker and Respect-A-Bull continue to work together to help save dogs like Stanley.

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  • Sweetdisaster
    Sweetdisaster January 21, 2022 at 6:35 PM

    I am completely and utterly disgusted ,the fact that we (the human race)can not get it together enough to stop this neglect and abuse that some have done to these beautiful little souls.its completely heart wrenching to see them so broken n scared,starving and on deaths door.All they won’t is what every living breathing human/animal ,etc wants.Unconditional love ,love and more and a human that they can count on to provide them with the nessesities to strive in their lives.In turn you get all that unconditional love back 10 will have the complete respect from that dog for can be an amazing journey with many rewards and good memories.So to you humans out their that think this is the way you treat animals.Do you actually really think this is okay,can you look at yourself in the mirror everyday,and like what you see,how can you even sleep at night noing that you have starved your dog to near death,then put it in a garbage bag and toss it out like it were trash.Or just loose interest and forget that you even own a dog when it’s not that cute little puppy any people disgust me your lack or respect and empathy for life(any life)is something I will never understand,or want to.You should be handed the same treatments as they way you did your pet.Tie you up and forget about you.forget to feed you for weeks,leave you starving in a cage with no human contact no love ,just nothing.Think about it.......And please DO NOT GET YOURSELF ANY MORE PETS,FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT.This is all I have to say about that,and this is just my own feelings on this matter.?? Michelle

    • Unknown
      Unknown February 26, 2022 at 11:08 PM

      Well said Michelle though people how can be so cruel to animals big or small should make up for there wrong doings and take the place of all those poor animals used for testing n experiments take the animals from our society n test n experiment on them we will save millions n get to the cure quicker.
      Just quickly if you catch a fish kill it or release it do not put it in a bucket n let it die slowly just because it dose not have a voice so you cant hear its crys for help or its pain mean you can treat that life with no respect .
      We the human race are a plague n do not belong here this is just my thoughts n opinion


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