The dog was in pain. It wandered the streets until good people helped it

The dog was injured and suffered greatly from pain. It could have died if not for chance

The clumsy dog Colleren was injured in the center of the big city of Dnepr. The dog was cruelly tortured. Fortunately, it had good people on its way. They plant the levy’s phone number and told them about a suffering beast.


We can assume that Krylen was hit by an auto. Animal Rights took it to the sanitarium for a veterinary test.


It turned out that Krylen was injured more than it sounded at first. Its bladder was torn, and its bones were broken and they injured its stomach. The fact that it survived and didn't die incontinently can be considered a true phenomenon. The croakers said the chances of survival were slim, but they did their stylish to save the poor canine.

The operation time is very long and very delicate. The experts had to cut the canine’s stomaches. Krylen did not wake up for a long time after the surgery, but it did. The croakers did a great job. Now it was all up to it.


At first, Krylen was very sick. It could not indeed breathe on its own. The beast is in the oxygen tank. Fortunately, the dog gradually began to recover.


Because the canine had a stomach operation, it wasn't allowed to eat. Claren was hungry for a week. Nevertheless, its condition is getting better every day. Croakers developed a special diet, proscribed soft food, and allowed it to be taken out of the clinic.


The dog was temporarily supervised by a woman working in the tax collection office. It'll take it a long time to recover, but there's no trouble to its life.


 Lately, the canine was between life and death. Now it’s safe, thanks to the sweats of croakers.