This dog left by his owners was so desperate that he was not able to bow his head

A canine left in the beast sanctum doesn't raise his head. He always bends untoward. He was abandoned by his family. The family gave the canine to their friend.

Unfortunately, the new family also left the canine in the sanctum after two months. This dog is seven times older.

Now, he lives in the sanctum and isn't friendly. He had been sitting with his head down, frightened when he was notorious. He refuses to walk, eat, or move his head.

He was depressed. Although the valuers did their best to get him out of this state of pressure. The dog was taken away by a rescue association, and after a while, the dog became very friendly. His life changed suddenly.


The chairman of Alternative Chance to Save the New York City Dog Team believes that this dog will soon have a home. This canine Romeo is a true illustration that dogs get trauma when they're abandoned. They also have passions and get in stress when they're left and it's veritably delicate recapture their trust towards mortal beings. We hope he'll soon have an ever home.

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