True hero. A faithful dog protects his family members from poisonous snake that entered the house

A faithful dog protects his family from dangerous snakes. He acted so bravely and defended the family.

This dog was named Chiko. The dog fought with a viper, unfortunately he passed it down. This happened in the metropolis of Kuching. The owner of the dog, Alice Mingu, downloaded a photo of a strong and pious dog who gave her life to her master.



The possessors were veritably sad and they were in a deep grief as they lost their favorite canine who came one of the family member. The canine had an important part in the family. Numerous people said that the canine was veritably furious, and he'd harm someone some day, but they were incorrect. But this dog proved his veritable defense and saved the whole family.


The dog saw the poisonous snake in the restaurant. The breeder went to great lengths to separate the dog from the snake, but to no avail. The scene was so touching. Rest in peace, true idol. Tell this story with your musketeer and family.

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