A dog hugs a homeless man to comfort him and the scene is moving

"This dog approached a homeless man and seemed to know what he needed" A canine leverages a homeless person and the scene creates a commotion on the Internet. The videotape shared by a Twitter stoner named @buitengebieden, ended up going viral for showing a touching scene.


 In the video , the canine sneaks up and sits in front of a homeless man, staying for some response from the man. After realizing the canine’s presence, it seems he  talks to the dog. 


 After a while the canine decides to rest its nib on the man’s shoulder, as if trying to console him, until the homeless man returns the gesture. 

 And so they stay together until the end of the video. 

 Watch the video below 

 This canine approaches a homeless man and seems to know what he needs. 🥺pic.twitter.com/uGWL351fCR— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) December 30, 2021 

 “ This canine approached a homeless man and sounded to know what he demanded,” the author wrote. 

 The video doesn’t show where the canine came from or who it belongs to, but no matter, he was in the right place at the right time, when a canine offers you affection and fellowship it's 8th wonder of the world. 


 The canine hugs the homeless man as if he knew what the man demanded. Please share this video with your friends . 

Thank you. 

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