Angel's rescue story. A puppy found sick and scared next to his dead brother.

 We recieved a phone call, a lady was driving when she saw a little pup caching in the busses, blood on the road presumably from his mama (we noway plant her body) and a many measures down a dead pup the same age, presumably his family. 

 When we arrived we saw a veritably dangerous area, a main road, no houses anywhere near and endless fields. We searched every inch when eventually we helped him. 

 There he was hiding, pulsing from fear. A baby about months old. We took him incontinently, was sick and so skinny. 
 We drive to the vet. Little Angel, yes we named him Angel, had skin problems, diarrhea and heaved. He stayed in sanitarium for a many days and when he felt better we took him under our care. 


 About a week latterly Angel got sick again and had to go back to the sanitarium. We was so hysterical for his life but this sweet boy is a fighter and he got better. 

 He was ready to leave the sanitarium and we got lucky to find a foster. We aren't generally so lucky. Angel stayed in foster for a couple of months until he was well enough to look for a ever family. 

 That awful day came and Angel left us for a better life! We could not be happier for him. His family adore him!!!! 

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