Bear’s best update: Dog who faced abuse for eight years can close his eyes on his soft bed and dream

 Two weeks agone, road affluents in Cleveland, Texas spotted a canine with a huge mass on his face eating cat food that had been left out on someone’s veranda. Drops of blood had been left before, and This Is Houston stepped up to help and transferred out an envoy of levies to find the canine. 



 That canine’s name was Bear, and many days after he was captured and estimated by a platoon of veterinarian surgeons, Bear passed surgery to remove his enormous3.5 pound excrescence. The mass turned out to be a necrotic abscess, probably the result of a recent pellet crack. He'd been shot in the neck with the entry crack to the right side of his face. The pellet traveled through his neck and came lodged on the left side. An infection from the crack caused the mass or at least part of the lump and the infection. 

 And as if being an unwanted slapdash for eight times was n’t enough for any canine to come hysterical of all humans, carrying around a excrescence on the side of his face after some inhuman person shot him, and also diagnosed with heart failure and Carcinoma, Bear has proven himself to be quite the fighter. He has since started chemotherapy. 


 He’s been doing extremely well – he has a great appetite, he’s snappily learning to walk on a leash, he seeks affection and loves belly aggravations, and he’s wagging his tail more and more every day. 


 Now he closes his eyes and falls asleep knowing he's loved – on a comfy bed with a full belly, soft robes and plush toys he uses as a pillow. Nothing to disturb him, no troubles around, and he can eventually rest as long as he needs. After 8 long times, Bear learns peace. 


 For as long as Bear wants to live and fights the good fight, his saviors promise to give him with the stylish of care and the most love they can give. 

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