Camera Catches Homeless Man Throwing The Sweetest Birthday Party For His Dog

Just because someone is down on their luck doesn’t mean he is short on love. 

 To prove it, look no further than this homeless man named Choco and his two sweet pups, Shaggy and Nena. 

Oneday, a visitor in Bucaramanga, Colombia, spotted a sweet scene playing out. There, Choco and his pets sat down together in the warm night air. 
 But it soon came clear that this wasn’t just any old night for the three . This night was special. 

 As the observer looked on, Choco placed a party chapeau atop each of the pups’ heads. Soon, he revealed a cutlet and candles. And also he began to sing. 

 It was Shaggy’s birthday, and Choco was throwing him the sweetest little party 
 After ending the video, the person rephotographing approached Choco to know his name and story, and to offer help to him and his pets. But after the clip was posted online, numerous further people would follow suit. 
Turns out, Choco has spent the last several times living on the thoroughfares after escaping an vituperative home. All the while, he is seen to it that Shaggy and Nena noway go without. 

 And now people are doing the same for him. 

 A number of Good Samaritans have stepped forward to help Choco and his pets get back on their bases. 
 And the demesne where he frequents has come a gathering spot for other pets suckers, who've come to contribute food and inventories — and to have Choco pose for filmland with their own pups. 

 With any luck, thanks to the support they are entering, effects will soon turn around for Choco, Shaggy and Nena. 
In the meantime, seeing the love between them, it's clear they formerly have commodity more priceless than gold. 

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