Hero firefighter saves dog’s life by performing CPR on him

 When it comes to heroic acts, nothing compares with the stalwart firefighters. We ’ve seen so numerous dramatic footages of firefighters going over and further in the attempt to save lives. Dispensable to say, there aren't just mortal beings we ’re talking about, but creatures as well. And this firefighter from Romania shows us, formerly again why we call them heros. 

Costache Mugurel and his crew responded to an exigency call. A 51- time-old man and his canine have been caught in the middle of a blaze. After few minutes , the firefighters managed to take them both out of there. But while the injured man was on his way to the sanitarium, the poor little canine was lying on the sidewalk breathless. It’s when the kind firefighter stepped in. 


 Costache started to perform CPR on the unresponsive canine. After some unprofitable attempts, he indeed tried the mouth-to- mouth breathing. Further he continued with casket condensing and in the end the doggy started  breathing again. The firefighter’s perseverance saved the dog’s life. 


 Thankfully, the heroic act was caught on camera by Costi Tudor, a original intelligencer. He also shared the dramatic video on Facebook with the caption “ Nothing gets left before.” The post incontinently went viral and it’s easy to understand why. 


 People each over the world hailed the firefighter for his gesture. “ True idol! In a world with diurnal bad news.This is so beautiful!! God bless you and your family!” While another added “ Thank you for being a REAL mortal and for your compassion to helpless dog. You're the real idol! My felicitations.”