Lost Senior Dog Is Finally Found After 7 Months, But With One Of His Legs Missing

 For 10 years, Kratos the Hole Bull had been living happily with his family in Tulsa, writes ilovemydogsomuch 

 Still, the elderly canine went missing last Christmas when he went out on his regular restroom break. His family looked for him everyplace, but there was no trace of Kratos. 



 After 7 months, the devastated family watched a video of a sanctum canine named “ Walter” who recalled Kratos, but only had 3 legs. The family requested the levies to try calling him by the name “ Kratos”. The levies were shocked to see the canine respond to “ Kratos”, and realized that he was the cherished family doggy! 

 The levies explained to the family about how Kratos was there after falling off a retaining wall along the highway. The stagers put a leg on his broken hind leg, but his body rejected the leg. Ultimately, the poor canine’s leg had to be reattached. 



 Mama Renee Mccaskill is glad to have her baby back. Kratos has had quite the trip and he's exhausted now. Renee hopes to give him all her love and care, and help him recover in the comfort of his home. She thanks the sanctum for being Kratos’ deliverance angels in extremity. We wish Kratos a quick recovery! 

 Click the videotape below to watch Kratos’ story of being lost and plant again amidst months of rigors! 

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